Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Easiest DIY Ever

Sometimes it is hard for me to process that I am kind of a real adult now. I am married. I have a job. I pay rent! And car payments! AGH!

Recently, I have been on a sort of home redecorating obsessive-compulsive thing (thanks a lot, Pinterest). I think my husband is freaking out because I have been rearranging our furniture so often and he can't keep up...sorry dude!

I am by no means handy. Neither is my husband. So DIYs that I see online, while beautiful, just don't seem possible with our limited skills. However, whilst shopping at Target, I stumbled upon this adorable washi tape....

.....and I had an idea for an DIY!

I think this side table was the first ever piece of furniture I purchased post-college for my first apartment in D.C. It was a right of passage (Ikea) and a steal ($8!). I felt accomplished. I honestly can't believe it has lasted so long, moving from D.C. to NYC and through two apartments in Philly. Definitely time for an upgrade. I also really want to brighten up our living room and eliminate some of the black for a fresher look. Washi tape to the rescue!

I simply used a ruler and a pencil to outline a chevron pattern on the top of the table. Then I got to work arranging the tape in different combinations. Viola!

What do you think? It's definitely nothing fancy, but I think it spruces up the table nicely!

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