Friday, February 27, 2015

Fashion Friday: Teacher Wardrobe

I teach in a school where dress code is casual (and I mean casual). Most teachers wear jeans every day--sometimes even yoga or track pants. When I first started at this school last fall, it was a hard adjustment fashion-wise, as I had come from a very fashion-forward staff at my previous teaching job in NYC. Most teachers seriously looked like they stepped out of a J.Crew or Ann Taylor catalog (teachers get discounts at these stores, BTW):

Ann Taylor/J.Crew

I love both these looks, and often tried my hardest to emulate them back in NYC, but at my current school, they are just not practical! My school is on a 10-acre campus next to a horse farm, so needless to say it gets muddy and slushy! I am also teaching a younger grade, so I'm spending a lot more time sitting on the floor (so skirts and dresses are pretty much not happening!) Nowadays, my typical "school uniform" for winter consists of comfy jeans and worn in Uggs or Bean boots. I also tend to layer a lot with tanks/tees underneath cozy sweaters. 

I love J.Crew Factory for layering pieces:

Although they are on the more expensive side, I love AG Jeans . The quality is amazing and they last a loooooong time! Plus, a lot of the jeans come in a stretch-blend, so they are easy and comfortable to move around in!

Corduroy Stilt/The Middi/The Prima 

What are your favorite go-to pieces for work? If you work in a casual environment like me, what are your picks? I'd love to hear from you!

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