Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's That Time Again....


This summer was so amazing, and I admit, it was definitely hard for me to come back to reality.

It was especially hard for me to come back to reality because as soon as I came into my classroom the week before school began to get organized, I ran into a MAJOR problem!

Remember that new furniture I was getting? Well, I was mistakenly shipped the wrong furniture! The tables and chairs were WAY too small for my second and third graders! I had to call the company and request all new tables and chairs four days (FOUR DAYS!) before the year started. Fortunately, all the wonderful people at my school helped me scrounge up some temporary tables and chairs for the kiddos. It obviously didn't look as sleek and uniform I wanted it to in the classroom on the first day, but fortunately the new tables arrived this afternoon and will be ready for Day 2!

Even with the furniture fiasco, I have enjoyed creating a new set-up in my old room. I scored some extra bookshelves and created a cozy, leveled library.

I was lucky enough to get a whole set of blocks donated, so in the old library area, I now have an extra-large block building area. It can also be used for project displays that we share with families throughout the year.

I am loving my new teacher area! Last year, it was tucked behind a huge bookshelf and I found it difficult to conference with kids and still have my "teacher eyes" on the rest of the room. I snagged an old display table that our librarian was giving away and set it up against the back wall for my assistant and me to use as our desk. The best part is, since it is very long, we can conference with students there as well.

I am constantly trying to think of ways for my students to keep track of their things and be efficient. I decided to take the bins I ordered for books last year and create bins for each kid to keep their notebooks, folders and sketchbooks. Something else I am trying is giving each student a small pouch with a couple of pencils, an eraser, a pencil sharpener and a flair pen in their bin. Perhaps it will alleviate the "I don't have a pencil!" issue, but I fear that might never happen....

I separated regularly used materials (like markers, colored pencils, and crayons) into individual buckets from the dollar store. Each table has a specific colored tray that holds the buckets. When kids want to draw in their sketchbooks, or need those materials for work at their tables, they can grab the tray and bring it over!

Each student also has a mailbox with a home folder for notices, homework, etc. I positioned these right next to the cubby area so they can grab their folder on their way to pack up!

Check back in soon to see the new and improved furniture, and some more about first week activities!

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