Saturday, July 2, 2016

Summer Hair Care

When it comes to my hair, I tend to keep it pretty simple. I rarely blow-dry or style my hair any specific way. Usually it is in a messy bun, or if it is a date-night or special event, I typically wear it down.

The one indulgence I do treat myself to in terms of my hair is getting highlights every four-six months. I was a blonde child, but that blonde got darker as I got older. By college, I was basically a brunette, but I always thought of myself as a blonde, so I went for the highlights and never looked back. Fortunately, I found a great hair stylist when I was 15 and she does an amazing job with highlights. As a bonus, her highlights are very natural looking and do not look strange as they grow out, so I can usually wait the few months until I am back home visiting my parents to get my hair cut and highlighted because I honestly don't trust anyone else with my hair!!!!

I usually only wash my hair every other day (or so), but in the summer I wash it more frequently. I am at the pool or beach most days, which leads to exposure to hair-damaging chlorine and lots of sand hiding in my hair! Before I dunk my head underwater (especially in the pool), I make sure to wet my hair with (clean) water. This prevents the chlorine from immediately soaking into your hair, and sort of acts like a barrier between your hair and the chemicals. Post-swim, there are a few products that I have used for years that keep my hair healthy throughout the summer:

1. Pantene Damage Detox Daily Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Remember when you were a kid and you would wash your hair with UltraSwim after a day of swimming at camp? I remember hating the smell! Anyway, this Pantene shampoo and conditioner smells WAY better and still removes many of the impurities like copper that are found in chlorine, while still preventing your hair from drying out. It is also gentle on color-treated hair.

2. Fekkai After-Sun Daily Mask and Conair Wide Tooth Comb

A few summers ago I discovered Fekkai's after-sun daily mask, and it has changed my life! I use it in the shower after rinsing out my shampoo and conditioner. It is great after a day in the sun, when your scalp and hair is hot, hot, hot! The oceanic cooling complex in the mask is like an immediate sigh of relief for your head. It feels amazing! I use a wide-tooth comb for wet to spread it evenly through my strands, which allows it to rinse out easily.

3. Juice Organics Color Protect Leave-In Spray and Wet Brush Paddle Hair Brush

After towel-drying my hair, I use this leave-in conditioning spray that provides UV protection for the next day's sun-ventures and keeps my color fresh! I brush it through with a Wet Brush, which is gentle on hair and gets all the tangles out! 

I've been using this fantastic-smelling texturizing spray for many years. I have always had naturally straight hair, and have found myself jealous of those gals who have beach-perfect waves. I tried lots of different products to try and achieve those tousled waves, but this one is by far the best one! It is light on my strands--there is no heavy build up that keeps my hair from feeling touchable. It is super-easy for a cute summer hairstyle-- just spray and scrunch and you're good to go!

How do you handle summer hair? Any other styling or maintenance tips?

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