Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Life of a Nomad: Seattle

Phew! I am finally at the end of documenting my trip (that sadly was now over a month ago...sorry!)

I have always wanted to visit Seattle. I was so happy we got to end our wonderful vacation there. We definitely did all of the touristy things!

Our first stop: The Public Market and the Original Starbucks

No trip to Seattle is complete without visiting the Public Market! Conveniently, the flagship Starbucks is right across the street. Of course, the line was ridiculous, so we opted against waiting. It was cool to just walk by and check it out! 

Next stop: The Chihuly Gardens

I have seen many Dale Chihuly pieces in a bunch of places. Most recently before my trip to Seattle, I saw one of his pieces, titled The Flame of Liberty, when I took my class on a field trip to the National Liberty Museum in Philly. Before that, I had seen one of his works at The Victoria and Albert Museum in London. However, the Chihuly Gardens totally blew both of these past experiences out of the water! It was amazing to walk from room to room and see so much beauty from the talents of one person! I loved walking around the gardens outside and seeing the glasswork mixed in with nature. I almost couldn't tell the difference, like with this "tree"!

Third Stop: The Space Needle

Another experience which one cannot skip if spending time in Seattle! It was incredible going up and getting a 360 view of the city!

Final Stop: EMP Music Museum

Obviously, Seattle is known for being the pioneer of the grunge/punk-rock movement. I really enjoyed going through the Nirvana exhibit, and was pleasantly surprised by the exhibit on animator Chuck Jones, who is famous for bringing Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the like to life. Coincidentally, Chuck Jones was born in Spokane but spent the end of his life in Corona del Mar, which is just a couple of towns over from my new home-base! There is even a really cool gallery/studio space in Costa Mesa in his honor.

Well, there you have it! My Pacific-Northwest adventure! And since I am now officially a West-Coaster, I can't wait to share more about my move to California :)
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