Sunday, January 25, 2015

Home Decor

I always go on Pinterest and see photos like this and let out a huge sigh.

Who are these perfect people with perfectly organized, beautiful homes? I seriously want to be them! The major thing I am jealous about (besides all the beautiful furniture that I cannot afford right now) is the fact that everything in the photo is placed strategically and seems to have a perfect spot! I can do that!

I decided to start with my jewelry. I love how Krista from Covering the Bases  displays hers:

I love how the jewelry is showcased instead of stuffed away in a box. I especially love how she stacks books underneath to give the display some height. Here's my attempt:

Obviously, my photo quality is not even remotely close to the one of the previous photo. But you get the idea.

I also love the idea of using drink-ware (like the martini glass) as a storage option for trinkets. I have many "collectible" glasses from breweries, bars, etc. I also have many rogue hair-ties, barrettes, claw-clips, and bobby pins. I corralled them together in this never-used glass alongside my hair products.

I saw this post and decided to revamp my coffee table:
I got the tray and bud vase from Target. The whale coasters were purchased from Open House, which is one of my favorite stores for cute and affordable home decor! Last Christmas, one of my students had given me the tea-candle holder. I never really knew what to do with it, but I feel like it looks great on top of the stack of books!

I actually didn't think I had any books worthy of coffee table status. The only one I knew for sure was appropriate was our engagement photo album (we've just sent the photos in for our wedding album, and I can't wait to stack that baby on the coffee table soon!)

 Ahhh, NYC in the snow. What a magical time!

After looking through some of my cake-decorating books (many of you may know I love to bake, and even had a brief stint working in a bakery before I found my true calling as an educator), I realized the photos in those books were also beautiful to look at! Finally, I found Michelle Phan's book on sale and thought it had some great tips and tricks...not just for putting on make-up, but for being a woman in the modern world! As my friend put it the other night, it is almost like an etiquette book for women of the 21st century. Why wouldn't people want to see that in your home?

I hope you all liked some of my decorating changes! I hope to keep organized and tackle my closet next...wish me luck!

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