Monday, May 23, 2016

Wolfie is One!

Our little boy had his first birthday on May 20th! We are unsure of how accurate his birth date is, considering he was found as a very small puppy wandering aimlessly around a swap-meet :(  All we know is, we are so lucky he was scooped up by a good samaritan and brought to safety to the rescue organization that we adopted him from!

We had a fun birthday weekend with Wolfie wandering around San Clemente. It is such a beautiful beach town with many great restaurants and cool shops (including Three Dog Bakery, where Wolfie got his very own birthday cookie!).  Wolfie especially enjoyed walking on the pier and checking out the water!

Wolfie is definitely one spoiled pup, but we couldn't let his birthday pass without a new toy! We let him pick out anything he wanted from the store! He chose this squeaky newspaper toy, which makes sense considering my husband is a news junkie. Since Wolfie got it this past weekend, he has barely left the newspaper out of his sight. He is going to be so well read!

We feel incredibly fortunate to have found such a fun, sweet little pup. Here's to many more full-filled birthdays, Wolfgang!

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