Sunday, March 27, 2016

I Took the TpT Plunge!

I'm still in the shallow end...

OK, I'm basically just standing on the VERY FIRST step into the pool. My ankles are barely covered. Hey, at least I'm in the water!

I've been using TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers) for years now. I think I discovered it through Pinterest, and let's just say, I never looked back! It saves so much time!

I typically stick to freebies, but once and a while I will pay for an item (but usually not anything over $3). I am always in awe of all of these teachers who dedicate their own time outside of the classroom to create these adorable and practical activities!

I've recently done a quasi-reboot of my blog. I finally set up a Twitter and Instagram account for City Teacher/Country Teacher. It has been amazing connecting with other educators! One of my favorite things is watching live Periscopes where I can ask veteran TpTers questions about how they create and market their products. I am learning a lot, and I hope to apply some of those tips soon as I begin adding things to my new TpT store!  Right now I am keeping it simple and playing around a little bit with pretty standard activities I had made in years past. It might take me a while to add to my store as I figure out what programs work best to create those fancy, clip-art cute products!

I have been blogging for almost three years now, and it has definitely been a learning process. Obviously, I did not (and do not) expect that I will become a sensation overnight just because I added more social media options! Although it would be nice to one day have....

Any TpTers (new and old), I'd love your advice and encouragement! I am so happy to have recently discovered a new community of fellow teachers who just want the best for their students!

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