Friday, April 1, 2016

An Office Space in a Tiny Place

Living in a one bedroom apartment, I often find myself wishing for more space. Sometimes I am wanting an extra bathroom, other times I am salivating over having an eat-in kitchen. Recently, I have been obsessing over how I would design an office space of my own, which you may have seen on my Pinterest board.

via Glitter Inc.

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Typically, when I am working/blogging at home, I can be found typing on my laptop at the dining table. Of course, this gets tricky when it is time to set the table for dinner and I have to move all of my folders, files and books out of the way! Below is definitely the pared down version of what our table usually looks like, but I'm sure you get the drift!

Since I didn't go anywhere during my spring break, I decided to take the time off to organize a mini "office" in a small section of our living room. Obviously, because I am a teacher on a budget, my first impulse was to see if I could repurpose any furniture I had into a make-shift desk (and avoid the horror of trying to put together anything from IKEA). It turns out, these TV trays I had bought several years ago, when we lived in NYC and didn't even have enough space for a table to eat at, fit the bill perfectly! Wow--I should really count my blessings! Here I am complaining about only having space for a large dining table when just a few years ago I didn't even have space for a table and we had to eat off of TV trays! Sheesh!

My next stop, duh, was Target. #Targetteachers, amirite? If you couldn't tell from my inspo pics, I was really drawn to colorful tassel banners! Hooray, Target for having them in stock :)

Pretty Party Tassel Garland by Threshold 

Once I had my color scheme (thanks to the tassels, I went with orange/red/yellow/pink), I decided to look for something to cover up the ugly TV tray. I found some cute sherbet striped placemats in the Kitchen section that matched the tassels perfectamento!

Add a few cups to hold pencils, pens and paper clips, along with some cute file folders and a cozy blanket on the back of my chair for cooler days/nights, and there we have it! An adorable little office space all my own! I am thoroughly enjoying blogging while surrounded by bright colors and looking out the window at the beautiful trees!

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