Monday, February 1, 2016

Working Out with Groupon

Back in Philly and New York, I was dedicated to my gym schedule-- sometimes to a fault. I figured out right after college that in order to actually work-out during a workout, I would have to join fitness classes. Sure, I would do the elliptical or the bike every day, but no one was there telling me to increase my speed or amp up my resistance, so as a result I never really saw much improvement.

I quickly got super in to spin, yoga and Zumba classes when I joined a gym in NYC. In Philly, I started going to barre classes and finally felt like I had a varied, fun workout plan. I had my favorite instructors and times. If a conflict arose and I couldn't get to a class, I almost had a panic attack!

When I first moved to California, I was definitely in a fitness rut. I was hesitant to join a gym when we first arrived because we were in temporary housing for a few weeks, and I seriously missed my gym and classes back in Philly. Once we moved into our permanent place, I thought that I didn't need to join a gym because our complex fitness center had classes. Unfortunately, the class times didn't match with my work schedule, and I found myself back in the routine of simply doing the bare minimum on the cardio machines.

Eventually I got settled into work and decided to check out some gyms in the area. I was disappointed because the gym right across the street from our complex had a terrible class schedule. Other gyms seemed good but were pricey.

One day, I was on Groupon looking for a painting and wine class that my friends and I were planning on doing and I came across a Groupon for Bike 2 the Beat spin studio. $20 for 8 classes! Most spin studios charge $20-30 for ONE CLASS! The studio was a bit farther from my apartment but how could I pass that up? I'm glad I didn't, because OMG these classes are amazing! Great music, really fun instructors and a great ambience in the studio (glow lights, disco balls, the works). I'm almost done with my 8 classes and may just have to bite the bullet and buy the monthly pass for $180 :(

Groupon steered me in the right direction with Bike 2 the Beat, so I decided to see what other fitness deals they had. I was so happy to see that there was an awesome deal for Cardio Barre (10 classes for $49). I just used up my last class yesterday, and I am also very tempted to just go for the monthly there as well. I guess that's how they get ya! Still, I have been trolling Groupon daily to see if any other deals for spin, yoga or barre studios come up!

Here's hoping that I either come into a lot more money in the next week so I can pay for these monthlies, or Groupon gets a new batch of good deals- hint, hint Groupon ;) 

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