Thursday, August 7, 2014

Twists and Turns

Oh my goodness, these past few weeks have been CA-RAY-ZAY.

My husband and I had some tough decisions to make about where to live. There was a chance we had to move to New Jersey for his job, where I would have an hour-plus commute, but then we were fortunate enough to stay put...or so we thought...

 I unpacked all of our stuff that I thought was headed to NJ.

Then, our current landlord calls...we can't stay where we are, as she had us believe, as new tenants had already signed a lease. What to do? (And can I dumpster dive to get all of our boxes back?)

We scrambled and finally found an apartment across town. It is actually a bit bigger than our old place, and shaves 15 minutes off of my morning commute to school! And to my delight, it has a washer/dryer!

So, we got movers and headed across the city. Check out my moving day outfit on Polyvore!

It has been an extremely frustrating and stressful few weeks, but we are glad to be in our new place. Plus, now we have all of these wonderful wedding gifts to fill up the cabinets :) I have spent the last few days since we moved making our new place somewhere that is organized and cozy.

I decided to introduce a "command-center" of sorts right by the front door. Each bin has a label. One for bills/notices, one for cards/letters, and one for magazines/catalogs. I also hung up this mosaic mirror right above it for those last-minute lip-gloss checks before heading out the door!

In the bathroom, I decided to use those old jam/pasta sauce jars as containers for make-up brushes, Q-tips, etc. Since I didn't take the time to peel off the labels appropriately (check out how to do it successfully here), I opted to use some sparkly duct-tape to cover up what remained of the offending labels. I think it looks cute!

I finally invested in a "grown-up" nightstand. For years, I was using the same make-shift nightstand that got me through college: plastic storage containers stacked on top of each other. Obviously, a married lady in her late 20's should try some real furniture!

We are unpacking the last of the boxes, and still have pictures to hang. But at least we are settled in enough to start to relax and not worry about move out dates, moving trucks, etc. at my happy place, the Outer Banks :)

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